My Gift isMy SongAnd This One'sFor You

Stories and fragments from a life, a quiet celebration and a fervent message, this quilt is my song for my daughter. Hand pieced, appliquéd, embroidered and quilted, it is my gift to her- the gift of my hands at work. Almost two years in making and documentation, it is a labour of love, sleeplessness, frustration and fullness. The fullness of conceiving, carrying, bringing into the world and caring for a child. It silently chronicles, between all the fabric and thread, the minutes and hours stolen from nursing, massages, baths and cosseting routines.

This quilt is a story of moments treasured, bonds made and souls loved. It is a story of looking within and finding happiness, of cherishing solitude, of making silent conversations, of acceptance and stillness.

It is also a story of chaos, of turbulence, of mistakes made and peace found.

It is a story of long walks taken. It is a story of me and the souls I co-exist with.

The quilt is also my craft- which values patience, honours skill and takes pride in precision.

Each piece of fabric is cut just so, each stitch of thread is laid just so. Each action was deliberate because I wanted it just so.

It is my message to my daughter. Make your own karma, carve out your own destiny. You will make mistakes. And then you will own them, and learn from them. And through them you will make your own story.

But most of all it is a chronicle of the minutes and hours stolen from my life to tell my life. To her. It is also her song.

The quilt in its various stages, from conception to creation.